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The Translation Business Limited is a Hong Kong based company providing high quality translation and editing services to corporate clients in the Asia Pacific and other regions. Established in 1994, it has developed into a premium language services provider trusted by its clients, the majority of whom are leading global banks, asset managers and financial institutions. With almost 20 years of experience in serving multinationals on a long-term basis, we have accumulated strong expertise in delivering projects of differing nature, from annual reports, fund prospectuses, sales decks and market commentaries to RFPs and training manuals, websites, video scripts, research reports and corporate communication materials.


Our focus on the specific areas of financial investment, wealth management, law, corporate and public relations helps us maintain the consistently high standard of performance,  setting us apart from peers and competitors alike.


We are at the cutting edge of current market trends and can satisfy the most discerning and demanding of clients, all of whom enjoy the services of a team of specialist translators and attentive customer service personnel.  We take care of each client’s total language needs and work closely with them to provide made-to-measure services.

"Expertise of a boutique firm with a global perspective

                                                and cross-cultural competence"